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August 4, 2009
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Vampires 101 by Silverwingfox Vampires 101 by Silverwingfox
LAST EDIT: Due to the fact that I'll need a lot of time to research more vamps, and the pic is pretty long as it is. I will not be adding any more vamps. So please, do not suggest, because they will be ignored. I get a flood of suggestions from alot of people and I can't very well satisfy them all.

lol chibis
i had this idea that twilight is like the handbook on how not to portray vamps
then i got another idea of it being a class taught by bela lugosi as dracula with nosferatu as the principal (headmaster whatever)
then alucard came into the mix, then darren, louis (and of course lestat), spike, angel
then i decided to bring up the dunces of the class

in order from left to right: alucard, darren, louis+lestat, spike, angel, dracula, nosferatu, edward, bella, jacob

ok now explanation time:
alucard many gold stars: cause his power level is over 9000!!! :iconimhappyplz:

louis: i picture him as a good student. Poor louis, lestat won't let him focus

spike: i figure hes the overeager student

angel: goody goody sitting at the front of the class

falling in love with morons: angel and spike are exempt cause they both fell for girls like that (i.e. cordelia and harmony). However, unlike bella; cordy and harmony eventually BECAME likeable, smart, and pretty kick ass

nosferatu: yes, he is stabbing the sparkles coming off ed's body.
..... lol look at his shadow

sparkles: yes they are bleeding. why? because....

edwards hair: i dont know about you people but this thing bugged me. seriously, is that thing pointing north or dowsing for water.

bella: bella. that is all.

jacob: if you're actually jealous of the fact that you dont get together with her, you deserve a dunce cap.

anyway fun over, enjoy. feel free to flame if you like(but then again thats what the hide button is for)

various people belong to their respective companies
twilight belongs the living crap officially known as stephanie meyer(may she die a horrible, painful death for the sins she hath committed unto the world and to the vampires)

EDIT: I just realized i have ZERO female vamps here, so im gonna start a little list of KICKASS female vamps(also adding a few new male vamps), and from there ill pick out the best(cause the pics big enough as it is)

fem. vamps:
darla (buffy, angel)
drusilla (buffy, angel)
arra sails (cirque du freak)
claudia (interview with the vampire)
eli (let the right one in)
jessica (true blood)
bill (true blood)
eric (true blood)
vampire queen(seriously whats her name) (true blood)
hannah (true blood)

feel free to suggest any othe fem vamps, but first, heres a little note:
alice, rosalie cullen, victoria, jane, and any other twilight fem vamps (NO, NOT NOW, NOT EVER, DO NOT SUGGEST)
also no vampire diaries, vampire kisses, or vampire academy; because they're all essentially the rich man's twilight but the poor man's true blood

as for vamps from vampire knight, im debating with myself over them. i mean they do have some bit of character development, but the author tends to keep them frozen in their given stereotype(i.e. kaname=pretty boy with hidden agenda; zero=whiny emo, i mean angel has a better reason to brood and even he doesnt go that far; yuki=shes like v.k.'s version of Tea, inspirational speeches and being hopelessly understanding and loved by all) i don't know this is just my opinion

OMG OTHER EDIT: i have decided that vampire hunter d WILL NOT BE ON THIS LIST. reasons why(and forgive but this list is of vampires who kick ass in the sense of character development):
after reading the books and movies i have to say, i dont like him at all
1. he broods all the time(for no reason other than im an outcast). i mean i can understand if he did it for a while, but the guy is 1000 something years old and still whining. Not even angel broods that much.
2. he is a deux ex machina. every fight hes ever in is a cut and paste of other fights. i.e. fight, make it seem like he loses, then rise from the dead and win. and im not exagerrating, this happens like 3 times in the first book, 2 times in the second book, and 2-4 times in the third.
3. he denies himself happiness because ....and thats pretty much it, the only other reason i can think of is because he believes he doesnt deserve it, which is utter bull. sorry to bring up angel again but seriously, angel has a MUCH BETTER reason to brood and even he allows himself an ounce of happiness, otherwise he'd be suicidal.

sorry to all VHD fan's out there, but he doesnt cut it, thats my opinion and im sticking to it

LAST EDIT: Due to the fact that I'll need a lot of time to research more vamps, and the pic is pretty long as it is. I will not be adding any more vamps. So please, do not suggest, because they will be ignored. I get a flood of suggestions from alot of people and I can't very well satisfy them all.
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XxdreamstarxX Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
Alucard's the best xD :)
EdDeRs1 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
after many weeks lost to TV Tropes, I stumbled upon a link to this... I FUCKING LOVE IT! the old school Christopher Lee style County Dracula can't be beat, also, you missed effectively having "Count" as your first name from the Cool list
DarkDracania Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't hold anything angest you on hte D thing...
He has no character development...
And you're right...
EVERY fight is pretty much the same...
Some are different just because the Nobles use different things I:
After being a D fan since 2001 (whatever moth and day Bloodlust came put)
I have come to understand this much
And I own all the books thus far and have seen the movies.
There is some slight (very slight) character developments with D
But it's just basically learning a little bit about his past
I'm not going to bitch at you for not putting him on the list
I'm not saying I hate D
I think Alucard is awesomer
I love how ALucard always seems to have something else up his sleve
While D just does the same-old-same-old ALL the time
I know being a D fan for only about 3 years is kinda sad but I know allot
And i'm with you on the brooding thing...
He always seems to be after The Sacred Ancestor (his father supposedly)
We can pretty much guess why...
'Cause he did bla bla bla bla'
We get it -_-
Atleast Alucard knows how to not care
D can't even act like he doesn't care -_-
If he could he would have a better character maybe
Whatever i'm done talking
BloodlustQuartet Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
You should've put Seras Victoria in there holding Alucard's chair up like it's a throne.
DarkDracania Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that would of been cute
underlord44 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
so...TRUE. :)
AlexanderXVI Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
what about akasha? If you have punk ass emo ass Louis and you are planning to add Claudia (a way better vampire then Louis) you have to put in the mother of all vampires...and dare I say Enkil as well
Kersey475 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Let me guess, Blade was suspended?
DvArtGal13 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014
AW YEAH !!!:awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: :awesomerainbow: 
simedlk Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
if you ask me the best vampires are from the legacy of kain series!
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